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My name is Scott koch and yes I enjoy stereo stuff !!!!!!  I have been around,listening, and installing and or building something for 25 years!!!!!! Born and raised for the first part of my life in Sacramento CA. I was the kid on the bike at Sunrise Mall watching all the cruiser's bumping their systems. Now I have a serious system in my car and I still turn my head when somebody is driving by with it LOUD. I have a crazy addicton to bass!!!!! I came to arizona 20 plus years ago to go to automotive school...In the beginning i was a builder for my neighbor...I had the easy part (just build)and he had the other part carpet and install. Then it was installing in my own cars....and of course the more you get into the game the more stuff you collect. Now I'm back to building and installing for friends here in town!!!

My main focus now is to create custom audio apparel, stuff never seen before. Introducing the "ADDICTED TO BASS " clothing line. Working hard on custom designs and trying to get them into circulation takes some time  and of course money. So soon we will have our first design into production with the BBS AUDIO t shirt and then start bringing them into the website for sell as there created. Thank you again for sharing this dream with me.