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Extreme Bass t shirts short sleeve...... Custom audio apparel.. These audio t shirts come in Black, Blue, Red , and White... All shirts have the extreme bass accross the chest and the stamps (tested) and ( approved). All shirts are shipped FREE in the united states. These are the last ones in stock... New designs are coming the future... Thank you
Extreme Bass T shirts
These kids sizes are the only ones left.. these are going to be discontinued.. get them while there available.. Thank you
G-pa's car go boom boom (Grandpa's)
These kids shirts are the only ones left... these items will be discontinued.. get them while there available.. thank you
Daddys car go boom boom
The ATB is cracked up... for effect..... and the addicted to bass is down the right sleeve. This is the last shirt available of this design and color...Thank you and rememeber FREE SHIPPING ON THE T SHIRTS in the US....
ATB (Addicted to Bass) Long Sleeve